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Mold standard parts

bisan guide

제품 자동 낙하시 비산을 방지합니다.

비산 가이드

magnet holder

위치 조절시 좌석의 자력 강도를 조절 할 수
있어서 손쉽게 위치를 변경할 수 있습니다.

마그넷 홀더

sprue punch

Scraps blocking the inside of the mold sprue bush can be easily removed.

This flexible connector can be used in injection molding machines of various sizes.

Sprue punch pins can be purchased separately.

Injection mold counter & holder

Since the counter structure adopts a mechanical type, it can counter the exact number of shots.

For reliability considerations, the number of short circuits cannot be reset.

The 7-digit display number is initially set to 0 in consideration of test use, etc.


Bimetal thermometer (mini type)

A strong donut-shaped magnet is placed on the circumference, making it easy to attach and detach.

It is the world's most widely used bimetal thermometer and is evaluated for its accuracy.

The strong magnet makes it easy to attach and detach, and the large dial allows you to easily see the temperature.

The pointer type has two needles, allowing you to set and change the highest or lowest temperature.

Even when you are far from the site, you can manage temperature and check for abnormal temperatures.

바이매탈 온도계(미니타입)
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