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gas nozzle

gas nozzle

Gas nozzle/gas pin

가스 핀

gas pin

The TEP gas pin is a product that is press-fitted with a TS vent (the vent part of a very fine through hole is embedded in a stainless steel bush), and the CEP gas pin is a press-fitted circular cell, which allows gas to escape along with the air and reduces the resistance to resin injection. It is effective in improving molding productivity because it allows defective products to be removed early.

The gas pin (E/P type) can be installed and used within the molding part.

Vent grooves are additionally processed on the outside of the TS vent to improve gas emissions.

It can be used by mounting it on the E/P fixing plate.

Using the bottom plate makes it easy to take out the product.

When used with a vacuum unit, gas emissions are maximized.

TS vent

This is an oil-free slide unit that allows the inclined pins to slide smoothly when compressing a core (loose core) containing an undercut in an inclined manner.

Since the inclined pin holder moves within the range of θ, the automatic centering function reduces wear and scratches on the guide and slide plate.

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