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Oil Free Slide Unit

Oil-Free Slide Unit
Shaft fixing block DDHB.png
Oil-free slide unit (standard type)-DDSN_edited.png
Shaft fixing block DDGP.png
Oil-free slide unit-DBSN.png
Oil-free slide unit DBSS.png

Oil-Free slide unit for smooth sliding of inclined pins when inclined compression of core(loose core) including undercut

Since the inclined pin holder moves in the range of θ, the automatic centering function reduces wear and scratches on the guide and slide plate

Oil-Free Slide Inclined Pin Holder for Loose Core

Oil-Free Slide Inclined Pin Holder for Loose Core

샤프트 블럭 DBNP.png
Shaft block DBNS.png
Oil-free slide inclined pin holder for loose core (adjustable) DNSL.png
Shaft block DSNL.png

DASN, DASA Serial Guide Parts. If you need a slide base, please review the DASN and DASA series.

Since processing the slide base to the mold body, installation space is being saved.

The automation center adjustment function according to the head-turning structure of the inclined pin holder helps the guide slide plate to be less worn or scratched.

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