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air grinder

air grinder

By using imported Japanese bearings, it has a long lifespan and can withstand the load caused by high rotation speeds equivalent to 70,000 rpm, boasting excellent polishing speeds.

The grinder's rotational concentricity is 0.01~0.03m/m and the durability of the polishing rod is more than doubled due to low vibration, and a better effect can be obtained after lapping compared to other products.

This grinder is suitable for various molds, glass, stone and crafts (lapping, polishing, trimming).

Maintenance and A/S are quick, and we also provide spare parts for easily damaged parts.

air grinder hose

This is a hose exclusively for air grinders and is the same product as the hose included in the set when purchasing the grinder.

This product was released in case the hose shell wears out or the grounding part is damaged due to long-term use, and anyone can easily replace/assemble it.

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